Unemployment and Bankruptcy:
Akron & Cleveland, Ohio


To file bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13) in Akron, Ohio there’s no requirement that states you must be employed. In fact, the loss of a job (whether receiving unemployment benefits or not) is one of the most common reasons people file bankruptcy in Akron.

Losing your job knowing you have credit cards, medical bills, student loans, a car payment, and living expenses while being the provider for your family causes sleep-less nights and heavy, agonizing stress. However, on the other hand, you know it’s a closed chapter at a job that probably wasn’t right for you anyways. It’s a new beginning.

If you’re recently unemployed or have been for some time and you’re starting to get worried about paying your bills, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy will probably be a good financial decision to help you eliminate debt. When your debt is cleared, you can focus on getting the perfect job.

It is illegal for potential employers to discriminate against people that have filed bankruptcy.

Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy while unemployed:

If your income, regardless of its source, is less than Ohio’s median income for your family size, then you pretty much automatically qualify for Chapter 7 through the Chapter 7 means test. If you have little or no income, it’s actually the perfect time to file Chapter 7, eliminate your debts, and start fresh. Unemployment can be a really good time period to face your debts, file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of your past-due debt, and move forward with your life.

Ohio’s Median Income
{For bankruptcy cases filed on or after May1, 2013}

Single-Earner: $42,814 yearly income
2-Person: $53,218 yearly income
3-Person: $60,960 yearly income
4-Person: $74,270 yearly income

For additional family members, add $8,100 for each in excess of 4.

If your income falls below these numbers in Akron, Ohio then you are a good fit for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your income is above, there are other ways to qualify for Chapter 7 in Akron, Ohio. Give Paolucci Law a call to discuss your financial situation.

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