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There aren't enough words to describe the wonderful service I received from Dean Paolucci, at a time that I needed advise and guidance I located him. He was so understanding and professional he went out of his way to make sure all of my questions were answered and that the process was done correctly. This was back in 2008. Today 12/4/12 I had to contact him he as always responded to my emails promptly when he didn't have to and continues to assist me with my questions. Dean doesn't try to over charge you at all as some lawyers would just to get advise. I believe in Paolucci Law because he is sincere, knowledgeable, professional and caring, most of all HONEST!!! Mr. Paolucci and his staff have very good work Ethics and I will definitely recommend his services to any friend or family member.You will not go wrong hiring him he is a TOP NOTCH LAWYER!! Thanks again Dean!!
-Cristina Amariles

Everything was top notch with this firm, they went above and beyond to ease our mind with the entire process, and after! Mr. Paolucci was very patient with my wife and I, and answered all of our questions, and really just made everything very clear and understandable from start to finish. I would VERY much recommend this firm to anyone in need of their services.
-Sheldon Blattner

Mr. Paolucci is extremely talented, I'd highly recommend him and his firm to everyone looking for a great attorney!
-Kimberly Anderson

Mr. Paolucci is great! Even though I am in another city he has been really informative and helpful. He is very patient and explains things in a clear manner that I am able to understand! I would be more than happy to refer him to someone I know. His personality is coo... If he does not know the answer he surely will point you in the right direction. He even has a great sense of humor! : )
-Tamika Watkins

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