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Electronic Evidence & E-Discovery

93% of all business documents are created and stored electronically.
As many as 50% of those documents are never printed.
Almost ten billion e-mails are exchanged per day, worldwide.

In order to determine what evidence exists in a dispute, attorneys need to be well versed in electronic media and communications.

Knowledgeable Counsel

Amer Cunningham Co. L.P.A. is committed to understanding and adapting to current technology. After considerable instruction and training, Attorney Thomas R. Houlihan held the designation of Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) from 2008-2010. Worldwide, fewer than 900 persons have achieved this distinction. Nationally, Mr. Houlihan is one of only a few attorneys to be certified.

The CCE certification is administered by the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners, a body which reviews and tests the training and skill of computer examiners. The CCE certification means that Mr. Houlihan has demonstrated his understanding of the forensic process of extraction of data from a variety of electronic and computer devices using repeatable and testable methods.

Because Mr. Houlihan is also an attorney with years of experience in litigation, he is uniquely able to evaluate and administer not only the forensic extraction of electronic evidence, but also its ultimate admissibility and utility in court proceedings.

Areas of Practice

  • E-Discovery coordination under N.D. Ohio Local Rules Appendix “K”
  • E-Discovery vendor interface, negotiation and pricing assistance
  • Special Master pursuant to Fed.R.Civ.P. 53(b) and Ohio Temp. Sup. R. 1.05
  • Computer forensic expert witness location, evaluation, and cross-examination
  • Electronic evidence extraction and authentication
  • Authentication and tracing of e-mails and chat logs
  • Claims related to network intrusions and misuse of passwords


Thomas R. Houlihan is available for consultation in the above practice areas and other civil litigation. He can be reached by calling 330/762-2411 or via e-mail at Houlihan@amer-law.com.

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