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Estate Planning,
Probate & Trusts

Amer Cunningham Co., L.P.A., has a comprehensive Estate Planning, Probate and Trust group that provides planning and consultation to enable individuals to properly arrange for the efficient and economic transfer of their wealth.

Our Approach

We provide a personal approach to addressing our clients’ concerns and emphasize practical advice to achieve personal planning growth.

We understand the confidential nature of this subject and its importance to our clients, and we value their trust.

We provide sophisticated planning to minimize the tax and other economic consequences of growing older. Detailed projections for planning are performed quickly and efficiently and are available to help clients assess the extent of their assets and focus on their long-term personal and family needs.

Knowledgeable Counsel

Our practice group is involved in estates of all sizes and is experienced in:
  • Preparation of simple and complex wills
  • Living trusts
  • Living wills
  • Testamentary trusts
  • General powers of attorney
  • Powers of attorney for health care
  • Asset Protection Vehicles

Frequently the planning process entails the transfer of management and control of business enterprises of varying sizes. Generally these activities involve the implementation of various tax strategies and oftentimes include charitable giving.

We can also assist in arranging for the care of minors and incompetent adults, whether by use of a trust arrangement or court-supervised guardianship.

Our estate lawyers are skilled in resolving disputes concerning the interpretation of wills and trusts and in settling controversies that arise among beneficiaries. We handle disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities relating to estate and gift taxes, valuation of assets and similar issues.

We counsel fiduciaries, from individual executors to corporate trustees, in the discharge of their fiduciary duties. We also represent beneficiaries of estates and trusts that are being administered by other fiduciaries to ensure proper compliance with all legal requirements.

Amer Cunningham Co., L.P.A., offers a cost-effective approach to estate planning, probate and trust, utilizing our experience in these areas to provide our clients with prompt, high-quality services.

Whether your concern is an immediate problem or long-term planning, Amer Cunningham Co., L.P.A., has the skill and experience necessary to help you resolve your problems and achieve your goals.

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