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Bankruptcy & Collections

Your client pays you regularly for years, and you feel comfortable extending credit. You ship more and more product, and let the payments float longer and longer. You ship the largest order yet when suddenly the payments stop. What now? Whether you take action immediately, or whether you get the dreaded bankruptcy notice in the mail before you can take action, we can assist.

Knowledgeable Counsel
Amer Cunningham Co. L.P.A. has vigorously pursued collections on behalf of clients for many years, and has represented creditors in hundreds of bankruptcy actions. We have the tools and manpower to track down responsible parties, and the experience to advance claims even when the debtor has sought protection in the bankruptcy courts.

Areas of Practice

  • “Skiptracing” and debtor asset evaluation
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Priority and collateral disputes among creditors
  • Prosecution and defense of adversary actions in Bankruptcy cases
  • State-court receiverships
  • Chapter 11 and 13 plan analysis
  • Defense of alleged “preference” payments.

We understand that legal fees can be a burden when your clients stop paying you. In many cases, we can offer contingency or other alternative fee arrangements to help ease that burden and assure you some predictability.

Thomas R. Houlihan and Richard P. Schroeter, Jr., are available for consultation in Bankruptcy and Collections matters. They can be reached by calling 330/762-2411 or via e-mail at Houlihan@amer-law.com or RSchroeter@amer-collect.com.

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