Why Outsource your I.T. management?

Save Money.
Save Headaches.

Staff Augmentation: Companies without IT staff, or without adequate IT staff, setting up new offices or new systems. Outsourcing provides a way to get through short term crunches without adding costly long-term overhead. Staff augmentation can also be used as a way to simultaneously deploy new systems and gain the training and skills needed to manage them.

Strategic Change: IT staff (or IT tasked staff - hybrids) looking for help in the selection, deployment, or integration of new applications, services, or systems.

Growth: Companies that are growing and recognize the value of having excellent network services available, or want to relieve key staff from struggling with IT duties they have carried while the company has grown. These companies often seek to save money by outsourcing for needed expertise in limited quantities, in contrast to making direct hires and getting limited specialized skills and having to make specific, currently high, salary commitments. It also addresses the issue of not having staff qualified to select a qualified IT employee.

HR event: Staff change or reassignment leaves a skill or manpower deficit in relation to key systems and the time to ramp up new staff is not a sensible option.

  • 24x7 IT support
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network Design
  • Remote Backups
  • Log Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus
  • Vendor Management
  • Microsoft Patching
  • Maintenence & PM